We’re Homeowners!!

For those of you that don’t know, we have been renting my husbands grandparents house for the last 3 1/2 years.

But today, it’s officially OURS!

I feel more motivated now than ever to work on DIY projects!
My husband is just going to love me 😀

We were set on closing by the 31st, and then found out less than two weeks before that, AND during the holiday’s that the fascia had to be painted in order to close on the house.
Luckily, our neighbor does this kind of work and was able to get it done in time.
 I picked Behr’s Asphalt Gray and am so in LOVE with how it turned out!
The before is a horrible picture, but I forgot to take one and this is from when we moved in. It was previously like a hunter green, paint was chipping and even some of the wood rotting.
My first project as official homeowners, is the front door!
I’ll be sharing that when I’m finished 🙂


Prayers For Gwennie

We have been incredibly blessed that, even with having Cystic Fibrosis, Gwen hasn’t been hospitalized one time in her entire life.  Sadly, that is coming to an end. After this Tuesday, Sept. 29th, we will no longer be able to say that 😦
Gwen is being hospitalized after battling a never ending fight against a cough she has had for about 3 months now. They’re going to do a biopsy of her esophagus to figure out if she has an issue with acid reflux, and are going down into her lungs to find out if there is something growing in there that hasn’t been showing up on her sputum cultures.
Please pray for us, she is really just scared right now of the unknown because she’s never stayed in a hospital before, and having another kid at home is going to make this very hard for me!

Last Day Of School!

Today is such a bittersweet day for me.
I’m really excited for summer, but my babies need to STOP GROWING!
But most of all, I’m super nervous because we have decided we’re going to homeschool this next school year!
So pray for me, PLEASE!
Here’s a picture of my sweet girls we took on our way out this morning ❤

A couple days ago, I went to Pinterest to find a few little activities to do this summer.
After I compiled a little list

  • Swimming at night with glowsticks
  • Painting with bubble wrap around your feet
  • S’mores!
  • Water gun fights
  • Water balloon baseball
  • Bubbles of course!
  • Making t-shirts with sand paper and crayons
  • Gummy worm and Sprite popsicles

I then ran out to Target, grabbed a blue bin and the things I need for these actives plus a new pair of sandals for each kid, jump ropes, some extra chalk cause we’re running out and ribbon dance streamers. (I also bought them a new board game and a roll of paper for the painting that I forgot to put in the bin!)
Then I made a banner with permanent markers and a roll of paper and hung with streamers and balloons in the doorway!
This was waiting for them at the front door after school! 😀


Nothing makes me more happy than making these two little people happy!

Hope every one of you has an amazing summer this year!


December Has Been A Crazy, Crazy Month….

Though not for the reasons that you’re probably thinking!
Honestly, I hardly stress about the holiday’s, unless I’m doing crazy DIY projects for gifts 😉


While in the past we have gone all out on Christmas gifts for the girls, this year we decided we wanted to change things. Christmas isn’t about the presents in this house, and I want to teach that to my children.
They’re getting two gifts from us, some items in their stockings, and a couple things from “Santa”.
Anyway, I’ve been so busy because beginning this month I started watching my nephew five days a week, then the second week I started watching a friends baby (6 weeks old when I started!! <3)
alternating between two and three days a week,
Cory’s birthday was on the 16th and I’ve been browsing the web for homeschooling info like crazy  because I want to homeschool the
girls this next school year!


My parents are moving out, we added Elf on the Shelf into all this crazy last week, Gwen has been on Cayston for her psuedomonas for 27 days now, so Mon-Thur I’ve been going to her school so she can take it (only one day left and we get a break! woohoo!).
She also had a well-check appointment on Monday just so we could get a referral to see her specialty care doctor on Tuesday!

(A little not about that: Her PFT’s went up from her last appointment! I was so happy to see that! I can’t wait to get the results back from her sputum culture.)
So yeah, I’m looking forward to the school break starting Monday and just being able to spend some time with my girls and rearranging the house since I’ll have two extra rooms!


Gwennie Was In A Commercial!

Our daughter, Gwen, has Cystic Fibrosis, and last month her doctor called me and said that she is being featured in a commercial for her clinic, and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in having Gwen play the main role!
 She did AMAZING! We had so much fun, she didn’t want it to be over!I’m so glad she got to have this experience, we are truly blessed. Bonus: They gave us her three outfits that she wore! 

Here are some pictures from our little adventure 🙂

Hair and wardrobe
All dressed up for the first scene.
Her cute little outfit for the first scene with her doctor.
Hair for the next scene, ballet!
I love this cute little face so much ❤
Ballet scene
Wardrobe for the last scene.
Coloring scene. She thought it was so funny that she had to pretend color lol
Her reward for doing such a great job!
She didn’t have any speaking parts… until they called us two weeks later and said she did such a great job, they decided they wanted to use her voice for the voice over!
Here are her lines
“That’s doctor Willey-Courand, she helped write the pulmonary care guidelines for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, and she’s always here for me”
I wrote it on a piece of paper before I left for the weekend so she could practice it (we were going to the studio on Tuesday), and while I was gone she wrote it on more papers and placed them all over the house! 
She nailed it so quickly, I’m so proud of her!


Here’s some photos from our experience in the studio.


Cambria and Gwen



Getting real comfortable! Haha

🙂 She’d do it again in a heartbeat