Last Day Of School!

Today is such a bittersweet day for me.
I’m really excited for summer, but my babies need to STOP GROWING!
But most of all, I’m super nervous because we have decided we’re going to homeschool this next school year!
So pray for me, PLEASE!
Here’s a picture of my sweet girls we took on our way out this morning ❤

A couple days ago, I went to Pinterest to find a few little activities to do this summer.
After I compiled a little list

  • Swimming at night with glowsticks
  • Painting with bubble wrap around your feet
  • S’mores!
  • Water gun fights
  • Water balloon baseball
  • Bubbles of course!
  • Making t-shirts with sand paper and crayons
  • Gummy worm and Sprite popsicles

I then ran out to Target, grabbed a blue bin and the things I need for these actives plus a new pair of sandals for each kid, jump ropes, some extra chalk cause we’re running out and ribbon dance streamers. (I also bought them a new board game and a roll of paper for the painting that I forgot to put in the bin!)
Then I made a banner with permanent markers and a roll of paper and hung with streamers and balloons in the doorway!
This was waiting for them at the front door after school! 😀


Nothing makes me more happy than making these two little people happy!

Hope every one of you has an amazing summer this year!


My Computer Is Back!! (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

And I’ve got some cute teacher gifts to share! 🙂
Teacher appreciation week snuck up on me this year. Just this afternoon I decided to browse Pinterest real quick for some ideas, found these  Thank you goodie bags, and then ran to Target after getting the girls from school.

Considering I was pressed for time, was lugging two elementary schoolers and a baby around Target (talk about wanting to rip my hair out!), and am super busy with a million other things going on this week,
I think they turned out pretty darn cute 🙂

These are for the lunch ladies.

These are for their coach, music teacher, art teacher and nurses

And these are for their teachers, same as above, just attached to a clipboard 🙂

Here are the links to the tags I printed for these.
^That last one printed small for me,
I didn’t care cause they worked for what I wanted anyway.
Thanks for looking!