Meet the Brunnemanns

Hi there, I’m Cassie,
Not technically a Brunnemann, but I am engaged and soon to be married to one (Feb 28th!) 😉
Here is my finace, Cory and I on Halloween last year
And here are our girls!
Gwen (on the left) is 6, Cambria is 8 🙂
I’ve created this blog to post my projects, family events and, well, probably a whole bunch of things about my girls.
I have quite a busy schedule right now.
Cory works full-time in our garage as a record producer, we’re planning a wedding, constantly taking on new projects in our home, and have one daughter in swimming and the other in gymnastics, AND the first day of school is just around the corner!
I’m not gonna lie, I have attempted to keep an active blog many times throughout the last 10 years,  but I’m hopeful that this one will be a success 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!