Brunnemann’s Halloween 2013 & DIY Costumes

Cambria right away knew what she wanted to be for Halloween… Really, anyone could have guessed that she wanted to be a unicorn, she’s OBSESSED!
I searched and searched on Pinterest for DIY ideas, and finally decided on THIS mixed with THIS.
Mind you, the horn and ears were absolutely not as easy as she made them seem!

I knew that I wanted Gwen to be Eloise, because she IS Eloise! Haha
She agreed to it quite quickly 🙂

Here’s how their costumes turned out!

After I got them dressed and took pictures, I had to leave to make a 12 hour drive to get my nephew who is staying with us for a little while, so Cory painted pumpkins with the girls…
(Cory painted half of his for me 🙂 )
Aaaaand of course, before they left for Fall Fest at a church down the street, Gwen and Cambria managed to break Cambria’s horn and ears! :\
Pouty face because she’s upset about it 😦
Luckily, she cheered up a little
Thanks for looking!


Painting Pumpkins – DIY Mantel Decor

I came across this idea on Pinterest that linked to another blog, but I forgot to pin it.
Soooo I have no idea where it came from or else I’d link to it!
Anyway, I really, REALLY suck at painting details,
so I can’t even believe how good these came out!
I bought these little plastic pumpkins at Walmart for $1 a piece,
then went to Michael’s and bought the brushes, white paint and paint markers.
Note that this paint did NOT work. It was kind of a transparent white, and after coating a couple with it, I pulled out some other white acrylic paint I already had… THEN, after coating them once with that, I decided to reread the tutorial and realized she spray painted hers…. I fail.
Luckily, I had some white spray paint on hand 😉
This is what they looked like after the second coat of acrylic paint.
I used a pencil do draw out some of the designs before I painted them, and used a mixture of the paint pens and some acrylic black paint depending on what worked best for the detail I was working on 🙂
Love, love, LOVE them!
I wanted these to look a certain way for the mantel in my living room,
but this would even be so much fun to do with the kids!