Our Trip To Sea World – November 2013

A little late posting this, but I didn’t get anything done over the weekend while the girls were gone because I was suffering from a migraine almost the entire time.
Luckily, I felt pretty okay my the time my bridal shower started 🙂
I really didn’t take a whole lot of photos while we were at Sea World.
We left kinda late to head over there because we didn’t know they closed so early, so we didn’t get to see everything, but the girls had a great time!
My dad’s company has their ‘company picnic’ every year at Sea World, so we got tickets and so did my sister and her fiancé.
However, my dad ended up hurting his foot and so my parents weren’t able to go :\
We got to see part of the beluga whale show, the sea lion show, the girls rode the shamu roller coaster, we saw the aquarium, had dinner (which was supplied by my dad’s company) and then saw the killer whale show.
For that one we sat in the splash zone!
It was a LITTLE chilly out and the entire time the girls wanted to sit in the splash zones, but I was too worried about Gwen getting sick.
We knew we were leaving right after this one, so I gave in 🙂
Best part is…. when you go to check in for dinner they give you free tickets to the park!
We will definitely leave a lot earlier next time!
P.S. I’m pretty sure my camera is broke from getting wet 😦
Heading in!
The girls watching the sea lion show
The Shamu roller coaster
Shamu came to visit during dinner 🙂
All wet!

Quick Little Update

Cory is currently at school with the girls for ‘Breakfast with Dad’ ❤
Anyway, I haven’t been online much because I had to make a 12 hour drive to go pick up my nephew and had him for a week, we took the girls to Sea World (I’ll probably make a post about that this weekend), and things have just been a little hectic over here!
I finally have both of my wedding registries finished (my bridal shower is this Sunday! Yikes!), my house is looking really great and the girls go to their dad’s house this weekend for the first time in a few months. While I miss them dearly when they are gone, I am quite excited for a stress free/kid free weekend 🙂
My goals for this weekend are to work on getting pictures transferred to my external hard drive, clean my bedroom (it needs it DESPERATELY), make lots of graham cracker houses and find a little bit of time to just relax 🙂
Enjoy a few random photos from this last week-ish 🙂 <– My computer tried to autocorrect that to weakfish o_O

Gwennie’s 7th Birthday – A Tea Party!

I was so excited when Gwen told me she wanted to have a tea party for her birthday!
I let her invite 4 little girls, so there would be 6 total… I prefer our birthday parties this way 😉
Here’s the girls all ready for the party!
Gwen’s shirt came from Jilly’s Mom Made That on Etsy, and I found the skirt at Goodwill 🙂
Gwen waiting at the window for the girls to arrive 🙂
Gwennie getting her birthday spankins from her Aunt Mattie!
After all the girls arrived, Aunt Mattie helped them decorate floppy hats with flowers
Then they sat down for tea!
I made this bird banner to hang over where Gwen is sitting.
The tutorial for it is HERE. I also made a wreath from the tutorial HERE,
but I didn’t get a picture of it and I already took all the cups off so
I can use the wreath for something else :\
Here’s the table setting. The tea cups and pots and stuff all came from thrift stores,
and some of the stuff came from IKEA which you can see HERE.
I got the roses from HEB the day before 🙂
A lady that works with my mom also makes cakes on the side, so she made Gwen’s birthday 🙂
I made the 3 tiered stand from the two tray I got from IKEA, the top plate and the bottom pillar I got at Goodwill, and the top pillar was just here with some stuff my mom had and I painted it.
I glued them all together with E6000 glue.
I served the girls peach and blackberry tea, and I made heart shaped chicken salad sandwiches,
fruit cups, and THESE Pretzel Crisp treats that I found on Pinterest. They were so yummy!
After tea, Gwen opened her presents and then we had cake!
After cake, we made their party favors by planting
flowers into teacups that I glued to their saucers!
Aaaaaand then I took a nap! Ha! JK, I had lots of cleaning up to do 😉
The girls said this was the best birthday party yet…
mission accomplished! 😀
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Our Corpus Christi Mini Vacation (WARNING: Picture Overload!)

This summer we took the girls on a surprise trip to the beach!
We made a plan to go to the beach on Wed, go check into the hotel and shower and then go to dinner. Then for Thursday, go to the Texas State Aquarium, eat at the two story Whataburger and then go home… Surprisingly, things pretty much went as planned, with a few little extras 😉
I booked our hotel at North Beach (which I wouldn’t recommend at all, thank God it was only for one night) with intentions of swimming there, but when we got into town we quickly decided to keep going. I had no idea that it was so small and wanted the girls to have the full beach experience, afterall, we’ve never done this before!
SO, we crossed the waters on the fairie to Port A!
We arrived at the beach kinda late afternoon, so we were only there for a few hours, but it was so beautiful and peaceful, and the girls had a wonderful time.
Heading out! They had no idea where we were going 🙂
Posing on the beach!
The little sand castle we made… It didn’t hold their attention for too long haha
We decided to walk up and down the beach to look for things to take home.
Our beach toes! I took them the day before to get our toes and and hands painted 🙂
Then we found a shark on the shore! ;p
And jellyfish!
This is actually the second one we found, the first one was in Gwen’s pail (picture of that below)
Skimming the sand for sand dollars
Gwen with her jellyfish!
All the things they collected off the shore
On the fairie, heading to the hotel to shower before dinner
Gwen always falls asleep in the car 🙂
After checking in and taking showers to get all the sand off, we went to dinner at Blackbeards
He had no idea that Cambria made this same face haha
After dinner we decided to go for a walk along the water, and ran into this ice cream shop 🙂
Then the girls were really dirty, so we had them take showers again lol
Then it was for some rest before the next big day 🙂
After we checked out of our hotel, they just HAD to pose in this shark (I MIGHT be a little bit obsessed with them) before our next surprise destination
The Texas State Aquarium!
First thing we did was watch the dolphin show
Otters and then indoor aquariums
Then they got to feed the stingrays!
It took Cambria feeding four of them before Gwen finally decided to do the last two
(This is the only picture I have of this because I was filming it :\)
The stingrays were the biggest hit, so that’s what they picked from the gift shop 😀
And it’s time to leave!
After the aquarium, we went and had a late lunch/dinner at Landry’s. So good!
No pictures of that, but while we were walking down the dock to go there, we noticed a sign for boat rides! I’ve only been on a boat once, and the girls never, so we went for it!
Gwen takes pictures for us 😉
I love these little boogers so much
After the boat ride we went to the two story Whataburger to get milkshakes, and then went home!
We went shopping the day before our trip at Old Navy for their vacation outfits 🙂
And their swimsuits are both from Target, but they only have Gwen’s on their website.

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First Day of School, 1st & 3rd Grade!

My girls started school on Monday… this week has been rough!
Because of Gwen’s treatments we have to do every morning and evening, we have to get up at 5am.
They have actually been doing very well with their new schedule… I haven’t haha
They love their teachers (so far) and are so happy to be back in school!
Here are some photos from their first day 🙂
We made first day of school gifts for their teachers.
I’ll post tomorrow about where I got the tutorial from, and how I did mine.
(Please ignore the table cloth, they were doing art projects on it the day before 😉 )
With their cute signs I printed from HERE 🙂
Family picture before we head out
In their new classrooms 🙂
Their new backpacks are from the Pottery Barn Mackenzie collection.
We had the owl ones last year and they held up so well!
The blue one is currently out of stock, but here’s the pink one.
And I bought their bows to match from these Etsy sellers 🙂
Bows For Baby 8 – She was super awesome and overnighted two bows to me when I realized (the Friday before school started) that the ones I had ordered wouldn’t get here in time.
Pixie Pretties – Very quick shipping, and her bows are adorable!

Meet the Brunnemanns

Hi there, I’m Cassie,
Not technically a Brunnemann, but I am engaged and soon to be married to one (Feb 28th!) 😉
Here is my finace, Cory and I on Halloween last year
And here are our girls!
Gwen (on the left) is 6, Cambria is 8 🙂
I’ve created this blog to post my projects, family events and, well, probably a whole bunch of things about my girls.
I have quite a busy schedule right now.
Cory works full-time in our garage as a record producer, we’re planning a wedding, constantly taking on new projects in our home, and have one daughter in swimming and the other in gymnastics, AND the first day of school is just around the corner!
I’m not gonna lie, I have attempted to keep an active blog many times throughout the last 10 years,  but I’m hopeful that this one will be a success 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!