Painting Pumpkins – DIY Mantel Decor

I came across this idea on Pinterest that linked to another blog, but I forgot to pin it.
Soooo I have no idea where it came from or else I’d link to it!
Anyway, I really, REALLY suck at painting details,
so I can’t even believe how good these came out!
I bought these little plastic pumpkins at Walmart for $1 a piece,
then went to Michael’s and bought the brushes, white paint and paint markers.
Note that this paint did NOT work. It was kind of a transparent white, and after coating a couple with it, I pulled out some other white acrylic paint I already had… THEN, after coating them once with that, I decided to reread the tutorial and realized she spray painted hers…. I fail.
Luckily, I had some white spray paint on hand 😉
This is what they looked like after the second coat of acrylic paint.
I used a pencil do draw out some of the designs before I painted them, and used a mixture of the paint pens and some acrylic black paint depending on what worked best for the detail I was working on 🙂
Love, love, LOVE them!
I wanted these to look a certain way for the mantel in my living room,
but this would even be so much fun to do with the kids!