Princess Belle Party – Cambria’s 9th Birthday

Cambria is OBSESSED with Belle, her favorite Disney princess.
I browsed Pinterest for inspo and away I went on DIY projects.

I decided to hire a girl who does characters, she did all the activities so my part was easy peasy!

My loot from Hobby Lobby for a few of my projects.



My mom got me these white mugs from the 99 cent store and I used permanent markers to draw Chip on them to give away as party favors which they filled with goodies from the table before they left. These came out surprisingly adorable!

I bought the milk bottles from HERE and just hot glued the roses on them


Cory Made her invitation and the picture that went on the table for me.
(The morning of her party, Cory watched Beauty and the Beast with the girls, and then informed me that ‘mansion’ is supposed to say ‘castle’… That’s what I get for just copying something on Pinterest)


For the table I made candy coated oreos from THIS MOLD, and also caramel filled candy coated pretzels, and then a co-worker of my moms made us the cake!


For the balloons, I blew them up with helium, spread some Mod Podge where I wanted the confetti and pushed handfuls of confetti on them over a big bowl.


Before the party started, Aunt Leslie stopped by to give Cambria a present.
She got a 2 person tent (for indoors only) and they both got kites 🙂

When Princess Belle pulled up, the girls were way too excited to wait and ran out to meet her at the car! Haha!
Unfortunately, buy the time I had realized they were all out there, it was too late to take a picture. So cute though!

Princess Belle first read everyone a story
Then she crowned Cambria a princess and face painted all the little girls’ faces.

Anyone could have guessed that she’d get a unicorn!

And then she got a cat (because deciding between the two is just too hard) on her arm.
Gwennie wanted to be Hello Kitty 🙂


After face painting Belle played games and danced with the girls.
Cambria just loved her! This picture makes every penny I spent so worth it!
She sang Happy Birthday to Cambria and then autographed pictures that she brought for all the girls.
She sang Happy Birthday to Cambria and then autographed pictures that she brought for all the girls.
I’m not even gonna lie, I was pretty stoked to take a picture with Belle too 😉

And then she left 😥 and we had cake and opened presents.

The girls spent that night camping in the living room in their new tent,
and decided this was ‘the best present EVER’


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Gwennie’s 7th Birthday – A Tea Party!

I was so excited when Gwen told me she wanted to have a tea party for her birthday!
I let her invite 4 little girls, so there would be 6 total… I prefer our birthday parties this way 😉
Here’s the girls all ready for the party!
Gwen’s shirt came from Jilly’s Mom Made That on Etsy, and I found the skirt at Goodwill 🙂
Gwen waiting at the window for the girls to arrive 🙂
Gwennie getting her birthday spankins from her Aunt Mattie!
After all the girls arrived, Aunt Mattie helped them decorate floppy hats with flowers
Then they sat down for tea!
I made this bird banner to hang over where Gwen is sitting.
The tutorial for it is HERE. I also made a wreath from the tutorial HERE,
but I didn’t get a picture of it and I already took all the cups off so
I can use the wreath for something else :\
Here’s the table setting. The tea cups and pots and stuff all came from thrift stores,
and some of the stuff came from IKEA which you can see HERE.
I got the roses from HEB the day before 🙂
A lady that works with my mom also makes cakes on the side, so she made Gwen’s birthday 🙂
I made the 3 tiered stand from the two tray I got from IKEA, the top plate and the bottom pillar I got at Goodwill, and the top pillar was just here with some stuff my mom had and I painted it.
I glued them all together with E6000 glue.
I served the girls peach and blackberry tea, and I made heart shaped chicken salad sandwiches,
fruit cups, and THESE Pretzel Crisp treats that I found on Pinterest. They were so yummy!
After tea, Gwen opened her presents and then we had cake!
After cake, we made their party favors by planting
flowers into teacups that I glued to their saucers!
Aaaaaand then I took a nap! Ha! JK, I had lots of cleaning up to do 😉
The girls said this was the best birthday party yet…
mission accomplished! 😀
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