My Computer Is Back!! (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

And I’ve got some cute teacher gifts to share! 🙂
Teacher appreciation week snuck up on me this year. Just this afternoon I decided to browse Pinterest real quick for some ideas, found these  Thank you goodie bags, and then ran to Target after getting the girls from school.

Considering I was pressed for time, was lugging two elementary schoolers and a baby around Target (talk about wanting to rip my hair out!), and am super busy with a million other things going on this week,
I think they turned out pretty darn cute 🙂

These are for the lunch ladies.

These are for their coach, music teacher, art teacher and nurses

And these are for their teachers, same as above, just attached to a clipboard 🙂

Here are the links to the tags I printed for these.
^That last one printed small for me,
I didn’t care cause they worked for what I wanted anyway.
Thanks for looking!