Yearly Clothing Purge

I am one of those people that holds on to EVERYTHING.
Since we’ve moved into this house, I have slowly been teaching myself to just let things go.
I can’t stand clutter… It doesn’t make any sense! haha
Anyway, you can imagine then that my closet is usually crammed with a whole bunch of clothing items I don’t even ever wear… Because someday I’ll find something to go with it!
Last year in January, I came across an idea that I thought might work for me, and it did!
I hang all of the hangers in my closet backwards.
I do this with Cory’s clothes too 😉
At the end of the year, whatever is still hanging on backward hangers gets donated!
I was already purging the stuff still left that way right before Christmas, I was so ready to see it go!
Now if I could just figure out how to purge the things in my drawers….