December Has Been A Crazy, Crazy Month….

Though not for the reasons that you’re probably thinking!
Honestly, I hardly stress about the holiday’s, unless I’m doing crazy DIY projects for gifts ūüėČ


While in the past we have gone all out on Christmas gifts for the girls, this year we decided we wanted to change things. Christmas isn’t about the presents in this house, and I want to teach that to my children.
They’re getting two gifts from us, some items in their stockings, and a couple things from “Santa”.
Anyway,¬†I’ve been so busy because beginning this month¬†I started watching my nephew five days a week,¬†then the second week I started watching a friends baby¬†(6 weeks old when I started!! <3)
alternating between two and three days a week,
Cory’s birthday was on the 16th and¬†I’ve been browsing the web for homeschooling info like crazy ¬†because I want to homeschool the
girls this next school year!


My parents are moving out,¬†we added Elf on the Shelf into all this crazy last week,¬†Gwen has been on Cayston for her psuedomonas for 27 days now, so¬†Mon-Thur I’ve been going to her school¬†so she can take it (only one day left and we get a break! woohoo!).
She also had a well-check appointment on Monday just so we could get a referral to see her specialty care doctor on Tuesday!

(A little not about that: Her PFT’s went up from her last appointment! I was so happy to see that! I can’t wait to get the results back from her sputum culture.)
So yeah, I’m looking forward to the school break starting Monday and just being able to spend some time with my girls and rearranging the house since I’ll have two extra rooms!


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