Quick Little Update

Cory is currently at school with the girls for ‘Breakfast with Dad’ ❤
Anyway, I haven’t been online much because I had to make a 12 hour drive to go pick up my nephew and had him for a week, we took the girls to Sea World (I’ll probably make a post about that this weekend), and things have just been a little hectic over here!
I finally have both of my wedding registries finished (my bridal shower is this Sunday! Yikes!), my house is looking really great and the girls go to their dad’s house this weekend for the first time in a few months. While I miss them dearly when they are gone, I am quite excited for a stress free/kid free weekend 🙂
My goals for this weekend are to work on getting pictures transferred to my external hard drive, clean my bedroom (it needs it DESPERATELY), make lots of graham cracker houses and find a little bit of time to just relax 🙂
Enjoy a few random photos from this last week-ish 🙂 <– My computer tried to autocorrect that to weakfish o_O


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