Bathroom Update #1

I got inspired by this bathroom I saw at IHeartOrganizing

I fell in love with the dark blue in this room and the shower curtain she has,
so I went out and got it myself!
The changes we’re making to our bathroom are:
The vanity to a granite top and inset sink.
Floors from two layers of linoleum to tiles.
Walls from two layers of wallpaper to paint.
Replacing medicine cabinet with a pretty mirror.
 Changing light fixtures.
Putting in a new toilet.
Painting the cabinet and all the trim/doors.
Lots of reorganizing!
Here’s what we have done so far!

Stripped all the wallpaper

Took the medicine cabinet out and the top “drawers” on the cabinet.
My dad is going to cut that opening higher and put larger doors on it 🙂
And me dad started laying the tiles last night!
Pretty isn’t it!?
I can’t wait for the tile to get finished tonight when he gets home from work!


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