First Day of School, 1st & 3rd Grade!

My girls started school on Monday… this week has been rough!
Because of Gwen’s treatments we have to do every morning and evening, we have to get up at 5am.
They have actually been doing very well with their new schedule… I haven’t haha
They love their teachers (so far) and are so happy to be back in school!
Here are some photos from their first day 🙂
We made first day of school gifts for their teachers.
I’ll post tomorrow about where I got the tutorial from, and how I did mine.
(Please ignore the table cloth, they were doing art projects on it the day before 😉 )
With their cute signs I printed from HERE 🙂
Family picture before we head out
In their new classrooms 🙂
Their new backpacks are from the Pottery Barn Mackenzie collection.
We had the owl ones last year and they held up so well!
The blue one is currently out of stock, but here’s the pink one.
And I bought their bows to match from these Etsy sellers 🙂
Bows For Baby 8 – She was super awesome and overnighted two bows to me when I realized (the Friday before school started) that the ones I had ordered wouldn’t get here in time.
Pixie Pretties – Very quick shipping, and her bows are adorable!

Gwennie Was In A Commercial!

Our daughter, Gwen, has Cystic Fibrosis, and last month her doctor called me and said that she is being featured in a commercial for her clinic, and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in having Gwen play the main role!
 She did AMAZING! We had so much fun, she didn’t want it to be over!I’m so glad she got to have this experience, we are truly blessed. Bonus: They gave us her three outfits that she wore! 

Here are some pictures from our little adventure 🙂

Hair and wardrobe
All dressed up for the first scene.
Her cute little outfit for the first scene with her doctor.
Hair for the next scene, ballet!
I love this cute little face so much ❤
Ballet scene
Wardrobe for the last scene.
Coloring scene. She thought it was so funny that she had to pretend color lol
Her reward for doing such a great job!
She didn’t have any speaking parts… until they called us two weeks later and said she did such a great job, they decided they wanted to use her voice for the voice over!
Here are her lines
“That’s doctor Willey-Courand, she helped write the pulmonary care guidelines for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, and she’s always here for me”
I wrote it on a piece of paper before I left for the weekend so she could practice it (we were going to the studio on Tuesday), and while I was gone she wrote it on more papers and placed them all over the house! 
She nailed it so quickly, I’m so proud of her!


Here’s some photos from our experience in the studio.


Cambria and Gwen



Getting real comfortable! Haha

🙂 She’d do it again in a heartbeat

Meet the Brunnemanns

Hi there, I’m Cassie,
Not technically a Brunnemann, but I am engaged and soon to be married to one (Feb 28th!) 😉
Here is my finace, Cory and I on Halloween last year
And here are our girls!
Gwen (on the left) is 6, Cambria is 8 🙂
I’ve created this blog to post my projects, family events and, well, probably a whole bunch of things about my girls.
I have quite a busy schedule right now.
Cory works full-time in our garage as a record producer, we’re planning a wedding, constantly taking on new projects in our home, and have one daughter in swimming and the other in gymnastics, AND the first day of school is just around the corner!
I’m not gonna lie, I have attempted to keep an active blog many times throughout the last 10 years,  but I’m hopeful that this one will be a success 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!